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Meet our awesome team of group fitness instructors! They come from different walks of life but share the same passion for health and fitness. These trained and certified pros make it their daily mission to help women of all shapes, sizes and fitness levels get stronger, healthier and fitter.


Andi is an ACE group fitness instructor and a Personal Trainer. She is so excited to have found the new fitness instruction career as she loves teaching, interacting and helping our members get healthy and fit! She is certified and licensed to instruct Stott and Mat Pilates, Barre Above program and Zumba. With a background in dance, Andi has been teaching ballet, pointe, tap, jazz, lyrical, hip hop, musical theatre, and basic ballroom since 2007. Andi has a great, energetic and friendly personality and everybody who’s tried her classes has loved them! Join Andi for Barre Above, Pilates, and HIIT FIT group classes or schedule a consultation for a Personal Training program with her! Andi is also an instructor in our Weekend Warrior program!



Bridget is an AFAA certified Personal Fitness Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor who brings to us more than ten years of experience in leading exercise classes.
She holds specialty certifications/licenses in BOSU, Gliding, PiYo, Zumba, and Silver Sneakers (Classic, Circuit and Yoga). She also has the ability to teach multiple class formats such as Cross Training, Kickboxing, Cycling, Step Aerobics, Boot Camp, and Yoga. Bridget is known for providing quality exercise programs as well as clear instructions to maintain a safe, healthy, and inclusive environment. Participants of all ages benefit from her positive energy, and her ability to engage and give ongoing coaching and support. Her motto is “If you quit worrying about your health, eventually it’ll go away!” So, don’t let your health go away and join Bridget for her awesome PIYO classes!

Christine and Staci

CHRISTINE has a BS in Exercise Science, is a certified High, High Low Fitness and UpBeat Barre instructor and is currently earning an AFAA group fitness certification. She is an avid and lifelong fitness lover and runner and has run a full marathon and many half marathons. Christine was trained in ballet, jazz, hip hop, tumbling, and drill team since the age of 7 and danced and cheered competitively as a teenager. She has been doing aerobics and group fitness classes since teenagerhood and continued her love for dance fitness by getting a certification in High Fitness. She always pushes herself to the limit and encourages her participants to do the same. Christine would love to give you the energy and fun to take you to the next level and give it your all.


STACI is an ASFA certified group fitness instructor. Since her teenage years, Staci's love for fitness and health, especially group fitness has been a constant in her life. She enjoyed taking dance fitness classes in her college days and has always been on a lookout for fun choreographed fitness classes. She has been a High and High Low Fitness instructor since 2019 and an UpBeat barre since early 2022. Staci thrives on the natural endorphins, the energy of those around her and a workout that doesn’t keep her watching the clock to see when it will end! She loves to energize her classes to have fun and get a kick butt workout!

Christine and Staci are currently teaching High Low and UpBeat Barre classes at My Time. Christine is also one of the instructors for the Weekend Warrior program.

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Dorothy has been a certified group fitness instructor since 2018. Her journey started when she was regularly attending a cardio drumming class. She found that she was good at it and really enjoyed it. When the instructor asked if Dorothy would be interested in becoming an instructor herself and help her out with the class, Dorothy jumped right in! After she received her certification, Dorothy began teaching cardio drumming and total body fitness classes.
Dorothy's Drum Ball  (cardio drumming) and Body Blast exercise classes are lively, energetic and fun! She uses upbeat, "get you going" music from all genres and the routines allow for both a low and a high intensity workout. Her motto is "Just keep moving!".

Dorothy is currently teaching Drum Ball and is one of the instructors for the Weekend Warrior program at My Time.


Gina is a RYT 200 certified Yoga Instructor and was introduced to Yoga in 2016 by a good friend. At that time she had a respect for Yoga and would occasionally practice when she needed movement. Four years later Gina knew she needed a change of pace in life. That’s when her Yoga journey began and has continued to this day. Gina's yoga philosophy is plain and simple: to make yoga fit the person, not the person to fit yoga. Yoga should be accessible in all aspects, and everyone should feel welcome!
In addition to receiving her Yoga Teacher certification, Gina has a Bachelor's degree in music. She is a vocalist, a voice teacher, and an audio engineer. Gina believes that the overlap between singing and Yoga in terms of breath, alignment, and the type of strength to do either of these practices, is helping her become a better Yogi and vocalist, and a better teacher in each area as well!
Gina is currently teaching Yoga Strength at My Time.

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Joan is an AFAA certified Group Fitness Instructor with over a decade of experience teaching group fitness classes. In addition to her AFAA certification, she also holds current certifications in cardio step, kickboxing, and Silver Sneakers (Class, Circuit, and Yoga). During her fitness career Joan has taught a variety of group-x classes including cycle, strength and cross training, step, hula hoop, and senior fitness.  Joan believes working out should be FUN EFFECTIVE AND SAFE!  She enjoys teaching people of all fitness levels by modifying exercises and adding variety.  Joan is excited to help My Timers achieve their fitness goals and increase their physical and mental health! She is currently teaching Athletic Fitness Fusion and Rock Your Ride classes, and is one of the instructors for the Weekend Warrior program at My Time.


Mary is a certified and registered Yoga and Pilates instructor and has been teaching fitness classes for 16 years. After having a back injury that slowed her down, Mary found Yoga and Pilates help her strengthen and heal her body. She loves all kinds of fitness, though, and when she's not teaching her own classes, she happily jumps into other workouts. Group fitness classes are her happy hour and she is always exploring new ways to make her classes fun and help participants get fit while having fun! 
Mary is currently teaching Pilates and Simply Strong at My Time



Michelle is an AFAA certified group instructor teaching group fitness classes since 2014. She is trained and certified in Les Mills Body Pump, Body Combat, CXworx and RPM. Being a former collegiate athlete and coach for 20 years, Michelle got into group fitness after experiencing the positive impact and benefits as a class member herself. She enjoys challenging her class participants while providing a fun group exercise experience. She loves helping My Timers reach all their fitness and health goals! Currently, Michelle is leading our Rock Your Ride cycling classes. Be sure to try them out for a ride of your life!  


Zhanna is an experienced registered yoga teacher (E-RYT 200) and has over 25 years of experience in the dance and fitness industry. In 2003, she started teaching yoga, and is sharing her experiences with others in a way that is simple, clear and usable in everyday life. Zhanna encourages people to take a holistic path of healing and transforming through yoga. She combines the in depth knowledge of yoga with the deepest sincere intention to awaken the hearts of people to true happiness, joy, love and light. Her deep touch and gentle approach allow people to connect with their own inner power and knowing what they want to be more about. Zhanna is a producer and trainer of life changing seminars and workshops, which help her students to open up and reveal their unlimited potential for living healthy, happy, harmonious lives and achieve high level wellness. Join Zhanna in her Yoga classes to achieve a more centered, happy and connected to inner self YOU!



Helen has been teaching group fitness classes since 2006. She fell into teaching fitness by mere accident and has found a new love and passion that changed her life forever. After teaching classes at My Time Women Fitness (formerly Fitzone and Fit for Women) for 10.5 years, almost since the day it opened, she’s taken the next natural step and has realized her longtime dream of becoming an owner of a fitness club! Helen's life mission is helping My Timers get fitter, healthier and happier. She spends her days teaching classes, training clients and making sure everything runs smoothly at My Time and every member has the support she needs to achieve her fitness and health goals.

Helen is an AFAA certified group fitness instructor and an ACE certified personal trainer. She is trained, certified and licensed in many fitness formats, such as Turbo Kick® , R.I.P.P.E.D® , Zumba® , Zumba® Toning, Kettlebell AMPD, AMPD Build, Strong Nation™, PIYO®, Step Aerobics,  WERQ, Hip Hop Hustle, Small Group Training, Myofascial Release and more!

True to her motto of “Make Fitness Fun!” she spends considerable time designing challenging yet enjoyable routines for her classes that are guaranteed to burn mega calories, produce major sweat and still put a smile on participants’ faces. Nothing makes her happier than to hear success stories of her students becoming stronger, fitter and healthier.

You can catch Helen at the club 6 days out of 7. Currently, she’s teaching R.I.P.P.E.D, AMPD Build, Zumba, Turbo Kick, Kettlebell AMPD and Yoga Stretch classes as well as limited time sessions of Zumba Toning. She's also conducting personal training sessions. Come say hello, try one of her classes, book a personal training package with her or chat about ideas, suggestions and feedback for making our club better!

Christine & Staci

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