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As a rule in our society, women always seem to be the caretakers! Our whole lives, we find ourselves on the bottom of the priority list, as we take care of our children, husbands, parents, siblings, friends, pets, work responsibilities and so on and so forth.

So, isn’t it time that we become our own priority? That we find that time to focus on OURSELVES? OUR health?! OUR wellness?! OUR physical, social, and mental needs?! We NEED that time to ourselves! We DESERVE it! And it’s vital that we take that time to take care of ourselves and just be US, not somebody’s somebody for just a little while. And that’s what MY TIME WOMEN FITNESS is all about! It is THE place where it’s YOUR TIME to build a healthier, fitter,  and happier YOU!


We love being a smaller, closer knit, “boutique” place, so we can offer a more personalized service to our members. If you are new to exercising, or just want to brush up on your equipment skills, our staff will be happy to offer up to three complimentary equipment orientation sessions on our circuit machines to get you going and teach you everything you need to know to get started and build that full body workout. We want you to feel confident, so you can continue resistance training on your own and reap the benefits it brings, such as raised metabolism, better bones, improved muscle strength and endurance and healthier body fat ratio. We can create a personalized workout card for you, so you can use it as a reference as you build your exercise routine.

If group fitness is your thing, we offer a great variety of classes every week and we’re always working on adding MORE fun formats! We pride ourselves on having a group-x class schedule that is FULL of FUN, HAPPENING, CHALLENGING AND EFFECTIVE formats, taught by a dedicated team of certified fitness pros.  And all of our classes – EVERYTHING from Zumba®, Turbo Kick®, Barre Above®, PIYO®, R.I.P.P.E.D®, Kettlebell AMPD, High Fitness, HIIT, Spinning, Pilates, Body Blast, Yoga and MORE – are INCLUDED in your membership! Several classes are offered 6 mornings out of 7 weekly and on most of weekday evenings, so something is bound to fit your busy schedule! Have concerns about injuries or limitations? Our group fitness instructors will be happy to talk to you to provide any modifications you may need to participate in classes. Not sure what class will suit you best? Our staff is always ready to make a suggestion and help you get a better understanding of each class we offer.

If you like a more individualized approach in your fitness training, we are happy to offer several options for personal training. Just ask a staff member for details and we’ll be sure to set you up with one of our PT pros and a session schedule that suits your busy life.

Meet the Owner


My Time Women Fitness (formerly Fit for Women and Fitzone) club has been a successful long time resident of Livonia since 2005. And over all these years, we’ve helped thousands of women find their fitness haven that offers just the RIGHT FIT! As of March of 2017 My Time Women Fitness has welcomed the new owner – Helen. While, she was the new owner, by no means was she new to the club! Helen has been teaching group fitness classes at Fitzone, then FFW and now My Time since 2006 – almost as long as the club has been open. She is an AFAA certified instructor and an ACE certified personal trainer. She’s certified and licensed in numerous fitness formats, such as Turbo Kick®, Zumba®, Zumba® Toning, R.I.P.P.E.D®, PIYO®, Kettlebell AMPD®, AMPD Build®, WERQ®, TRX®, Step Aerobics, Yoga Stretch, Myofascial release, etc. – and the list keeps growing.

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Helen’s motto has always been “Make Fitness Fun!” and being true to it, she always spends considerable time designing challenging yet enjoyable routines for her classes that are guaranteed to burn mega calories, produce major sweat and still put a smile on participants’ faces. Nothing makes her happier than to hear success stories of her students becoming stronger, fitter and slimmer.

In 2011, Helen started 3H Fitness (Helen’s Happy Hour Fitness) under which name she offered a variety of fitness classes run independently of any fitness club. In the beginning of 2017, Helen was finally presented with an opportunity to realize her dream of running her own fitness facility – and what better place than the one where she started her fitness career in the first place!

Helen works tirelessly to make sure My Time is the absolute BEST fitness club for women in the area!  Let’s face it, exercise really must be an integral part of our daily lives, yet more often than not, we choose to skip it. Exercise can feel like a hard, strenuous and boring chore and it’s Helen’s dream to build a place where exercise is FUN, so women can look forward to going there to achieve their fitness goals and where they can get and stay fit, find new friends and start leading a healthier, happier, longer and more fulfilled  life!


Our Instructors/Trainers

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